Attention: Menopausal Women

What if... You Could Lose The Menopause Belly?

Without Giving Up All The Foods You Love, Counting Calories, or Spending Hours On Cardio

I get it, I'm post menopausal and I know how frustrating it is to see the your waistline expanding. It feels like there is nothing you can do.

  • You are tired of having no control over what is happening to your body
  • You've tried diet and exercise, but nothing seems to work for you
  • You feel like you don't want to leave your house because you hate looking dumpy and middle aged

But Imagine If:

  • You could fit into your skinny jeans again
  • You enjoyed shopping because clothes look good on you
  • You felt strong and confident and in control

Welcome To:

The Menopause Belly Reset

The online program that helps you lose the belly fat so you can feel like yourself again

This step by step system will help you take control of your body, by making simple changes that fit your life

If it seems like nothing seems to work anymore, and you feel like you hate your body, then its time to try something new.

Which is why this program will show you how to easily make the changes that will help you lose the menopause belly!

Hi I'm Sherry Smilar

It wasn't that long ago that I felt like there was nothing I could do to stop my expanding waist line.

I was exercising 6 times a week and my jeans kept getting tighter.

I thought I was eating healthy, but my belly was expanding. I was afraid that the chronic diseases that run in my family would catch up with me.

Not only that but I felt like I wasn't the same person - I didn't feel good about myself, I was stressed out about everything and I felt exhausted all the time.

That was when I realized I could do much better by applying my training as a nutrition coach and personal trainer and I started to research the causes of the menopause belly.

This is for you if:

You can't seem to get rid of the belly fat no matter how hard you try
You know you could eat healthier, but you're not sure where to start
You'd like to exercise, but you don't have the energy and it doesn't seem to help
You want to look and feel like yourself again

Even if it seems like you have tried every weight loss plan out there... you haven't tried the plan designed especially for menopausal women

During menopause your hormones area mess! Not just reproductive hormones like estrogen and progesterone, but other hormones like thyroid hormones, cortisol and insulin. And these hormones all contribute to belly fat. 

This program looks at how these hormones cause the menopause belly and what you can do about it!

What Results Can You Expect:

Previous clients have seen results like these:

"I lost 3 lbs with the sugar module"

"I can keep up when I go on hikes with my family"

"I am able to stay more consistent with my workouts"

"I have the energy to spend time making healthy meals"

Here's What You Get

Video Lessons - Each module will include a video lesson to explain the how to get the most out of the program

Progress Tracking
- How do you know if you are making progress? I will show you how to track your progress so you can see how the results you are getting.

Action Guides
- Success doesn't come from watching the videos and reading the handouts. I'll show you how to take action with each lesson so you can get the most out of the program.

These are the program modules:

Module 1: Eat Less Sugar

Sugar plays havoc with the hormones and contributes to excess belly fat. Discover how to identify hidden sugar in your diet and to eat much less sugar

Module 2: Move More

Find out how to add movement to your daily routine. Discover how exercise helps to improve hormone health and helps you to lose the belly fat. You will receive an exercise plan in this module.

Module 3: Stress Reduction And Stress Eating

Stress is one of the biggest reasons for excess belly fat. Find out how to deal with stress and how to reduce stress eating even when you are feeling stressed.

Module 4: Portion Control

In the last module find out how to tell if you are eating too much or too little without counting calories or measuring foods. You will understand exactly how to customize your eating plan.

How Am I Qualified To Help You?

I'm a nutrition coach and a personal trainer. I've been through menopause so I understand what you are going through. I understand how frustrating it is when your body starts to change.

When I started going through menopause, it seemed that suddenly my belly started expanding. I couldn't eat the same way I was before and it felt like exercise didn't make a difference. There wasn't much information about menopause, except that your body changed. Accept it and move on. But I wasn't willing to accept that I would spend the rest of my life feeling bad about how I looked.

Since then I have studied nutrition coaching with Precision Nutrition and obtained a diploma in personal fitness training. I've used this knowledge and my personal experience to design a program to help you lose the belly fat.

How Much Is This Program Worth?

Included customized modules $97

Exercise program $35

I'm also including these bonuses:

Healthy Eating For Menopause Ebook $20

Private Facebook group

But You Pay Only $67 CAD

Are you interested in working with me? Here's how to get started:

  • Click the button below and submit your payment (using secure payment site)
  • After you submit your payment you will be redirected to the Menopause Belly Reset Introduction page
  • Here you will find your getting started package and an introduction video
  • You will receive full lifetime access to the program and any updates within 2 business days.

Payment processed using Paypal's secure site

Complete Money Back Guarantee

I'm so sure you will see the value to this program, but in case you don't see results you are expecting I offer a complete money back guarantee. (Must be requested during the 30 day program timeline)

Just click the button to join the program.

This program will help you to lose your menopause belly!

If want to stop feeling like you have no control, then join the Menopause Belly Reset. You will:

Target stubborn belly fat

Feel confident, energetic and fantastic

And improve your health

Frequently Asked Questions:


When you click on the button to join the program, you will be sent to a secure payment page. Once your payment has been processed you will be automatically redirected to the program start page. Your bonuses and quickstart guide will be ready for you. You will receive full access to the program within 2 business days.


This program addresses the hormone changes that menopausal women experience and it is designed specifically for the unique challenges of menopausal women.


No two women are the same. That makes it hard to provide a meal plan that will work for everyone. Weight loss is more sustainable if you learn to make healthy meals without a plan to follow. A recipe guide is provided to give you some ideas to get started.


Exercise is an important component to this program but it is not essential. Adding some movement to your day will help with your success in this program, but following the exercise program is not necessary.


I'm sure if you follow the program guidelines you will get results, but I'm offering a complete money back guarantee if you feel you did not get the results you expected.


Absolutely! You are supported every step of the way. You can always message me to ask questions or if you are having trouble with any step of the program. You will also have access to a private Facebook group to support each other in the program.


No, the cost is in Canadian dollars. The cost in US dollars is around $51.

Get Started Now For Only $67 CAD