Menopausal Women:

Are you frustrated by weight gain and other symptoms and just want to feel like yourself again?

Discover how to use simple nutrition and fitness changes to get relief from menopause symptoms and start losing weight.

Does this sound familiar?

  • hot flashes that seem to come out of nowhere and drench you in sweat
  • weight gain that doesn’t seem to make sense
  • low energy that keeps you from exercising, or making healthy meals
  • many other symptoms of menopause

But imagine if...

  • you had simple solutions that make many of your menopause symptoms more manageable
  • You felt confident and in control of your life
  • You felt like yourself again


Healthy Changes: Your Guide To Fitness And Nutrition During Menopause

  • Find out what types of exercise have the most benefits for women going through menopause and how to get started
  • Discover how to make simple changes to your eating habits that will help with weight loss, and getting relief from symptoms
  • If you already have the basics of exercise and nutrition down, discover how you can fine tune your daily habits
  • Best of all - discover how you can fit these new changes into your life

What you get:

  • Understand what is happening with your body during menopause
  • Find out what symptoms and health issues are common during menopause
  • Discover the basics and more advanced concepts of nutrition that will help you to make menopause a positive experience
  • See how exercise can help you deal with menopause

And get a bonus workbook ($17 value) to help you implement the suggestions in the book.

Sherry Smilar

About the author

I am a fitness and nutrition coach. I help women lose weight and reduce symptoms of menopause so they can feel like themselves again. I've been through menopause so I understand what you are going through and I know how to help.

What you'll read

Chapter 1: What is menopause?
Chapter 2: Menopause Symptoms
Chapter 3: Health Issues
Chapter 4: Exercise
Chapter 5: Nutrition
Chapter 6: Nutrition - Beyond the Basics
Chapter 7: Lifestyle (includes stress reduction, smoking, alcohol, etc)
Chapter 8: Making Changes
Chapter 9: The Positives


Who is this for?

Healthy Changes is for women who are in some stage of menopause. There is information for women who are starting perimenopause so they know what to expect and what they can do. It's also for women who at other stages of menopause who want to find out how to lose weight, reduce symptoms and live a healthy life.

Are updates available?

Yes! If this book is updated you will receive an email with a new download (at no charge of course)

What is the refund policy?

Since this is a low cost digital product there are no refunds available. Get in touch at if you have questions about the product.

How will I get my download?

When you click the Buy Now button you will be redirected to my Payhip product page. From there once you submit your payment you will get immediate access to the download. You will also receive an email with the download information.